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International users: Loans, renewals and reservations

Loans, renewals and reservations

Insubria University libraries lend their items to users as specified below:

User group Item type
and loan period
Item number limit Renewals
Undergraduate & PhD students
  • Books: 30 days
  • Textbooks: 15 days
  • Diritto allo studio” textbooks: 60 days
  • Audiovisual materials: 7 days
  • Books, textbooks and audiovisual materials: 1 renewal
  • Diritto allo studio” textbooks: 3 renewals
Professors, researchers, faculty & university staff
  • Books: 30 days
  • Textbooks: 15 days
  • Audiovisual materials: 7 days
  • Books: automatic renewal for 1 year
  • Textbooks and audiovisual materials: 1 renewal

The following items are not loanable: periodicals, degree theses and PhD dissertations,cartographic material, volumes belonging to special collections (ancient and historical), dictionaries and encyclopedias.


Users can renew loans on line (via InsuBRE), by e-mail, by phone or at the circulation desk.

Items can be renewed within the due date and only if the item hasn't been reserved by another user.

You can reserve an item out on loan, so when the book is returned by the previous user it will be kept for you at the circulation desk.
You will be notified by e-mail when the book is available at the circulation desk: you can pick it up within 7 days, after which reservation will be deleted.

If an item is available for loan on the library shelves you can not reserve it.

Users can reserve items on line (via InsuBRE), by e-mail, by phone or at the circulation desk.

Library sends e-mail notices to remind users that the items on loan are due shortly or to recall overdue items.

If you have overdue loans you will be prevented from renewing them and from sending reservation requests. All your privileges are suspended for a number of days equal to the days of overdue (1 day per overdue day).


Contact your Library

Economics Library (Varese)
phone: +39 0332 39.5103 / 5104

Law Library (Como)
phone: +39 031 238.4175 / 4172

Medicine & Biology Library (Varese)
phone: +39 0332 421.426 / 432

Science Library (Como)
phone: +39 031 238.9566 / 9565